Jesus and his disciples are on Peter’s front porch after dinner. Bumper, Jesus’ dog is sitting licking Jesus’ feet. Andrew is scratching the dog’s ears. The rest of the disciples are lounging around and Judas is annoying everyone with his cigar.

Matthew: Lord, which of us follows you best?

Jesus: Bumper.

Matthew: What? He’s just a mutt.

Jesus: You should love me like Bumper loves me.

Nathaniel: Dogs are unclean.

Jesus: Yep. They’re pitiful. Bumper thinks cat pooh is wonderful. Absolutely hopeless. To love him I have to overlook his nature. However, he’s happy with anything I give him. He’ll even try turnips if they’re from me.

Andrew (quits scratching Bumper and looks at his fingers): So, he’s unclean and that’s okay?

Jesus: It’s the tension again — the truth is brutal and grace is kind. Bumper is a mess and I love him. He follows me everywhere and is happy with everything but my absence. He’ll walk beside me all day just to have the chance to lick my (unclean) feet. I say, ‘Bumper come,’ he comes, ‘Bumper go,’ he goes. I say, ‘Bumper stay,’ and he’ll sit waiting for me indefinitely.

Peter (he raises his hand and Jesus nods): So, when you asked us to ‘follow,’ you were thinking about dogs?

Jesus: Well, sort of. Remember when I told you the ‘come as a child’ thing? It’s like that. Bumper is pure dog. He lives for me. His happiness is me. Remember the scribe who was arguing with me and grabbed my robe at the bus stop past Nazareth, near Sephora, where my Aunt Anne lives? Bumper was on…hackles up, growling and all that. Bumper processes HIS life through MY perspective.

John: Woohoo! So, you DO want us as bodyguards! I knew it!

Jesus (holding up his hand): Uhm, no. If you’ll remember, I told Bumper to sit and shake hands with the scribe, which he did, though the scribe declined.

They all laugh.

Judas (blowing smoke rings): Bumper is a good dog. He sleeps at your feet, eats anything, obeys, is house broken and even herds sheep. We could rent him to shepherds.

Jesus: Yeah, Judas, he’s a good dog. Bumper would die for me. But, here’s the important thing: Bumper is just a beast that’d be nothing without a master. When I named him, I CREATED him. I gave him an identity. He finds meaning and purpose through me, his master, who loves him. Bumper is completed by me. When your life is me, you will be the most you that you can be. I’ve come to give you life and give it completely.

Tr8: You ARE defined by your master. Choose Christ as your master. You become you when you are known by  Jesus.

followerMurphy, the non-disciple, stood speechlessly steaming as his wife, Harpreet, walked away. He’d just smacked her a good one in the middle of an argument. Harpreet, from a former abusive relationship, also just smacked him.

This was something both thought would never happen. But, in the heat of the moment, under the circumstances, both vented their frustrations physically. This was not the first time either received a smacking, but it was the first time between THEM.

Murphy (to himself): I can’t believe this…

Harpreet: I can’t believe this.

Murph: I’m sorry, I…

Harpreet: Either the pub goes or I do!

Murph: There’s nothing wrong with the pub! It’s how I make a living and take care of you!

Harpreet: No, it’s how you avoid me and leave me on my own!

Murph: You know I love you. How else am I to pay the bills?

Harpreet: Find a way that doesn’t require you to tend bar all hours of the day and night.

Murph: This isn’t fair…

Harpreet walks out.

Murph (as she goes): I’ll work something out. I promise.

Harpreet: Yeah, sure. What’ll you do?

Murphy, moodily locks up his pub and heads up to the nearby highlands to seek wisdom from the Oracle of Galilee, Madam Roberts. She lives in a cave and is locally known for her wisdom.

Madam Roberts (rubbing her brow knowingly): Ah! You have a problem and come for the Wisdom of the Oracle. Sit.

Murph (sitting across from Madam): Wow, how did you know? My marriage is falling apart. I need you to help me.

Madam: The Oracle needs inspiration.

Murph (pulling out a few denari): Here’s an offering. My problem is…

Madam (holding up her hand): Stop. The Oracle knows all. You have fought with your wife.

Murph: Well, duh. She thinks I don’t…

Madam (closes her eyes, sways, rises and lifts her hands: The Oracle speaks: “Love not the circumstances dictate actions.” Go. Next.

A man with a goat enters the cave.

Murph (startled; as he’s leaving): Hey, can I buy a comma?!

Murphy is pushed out of the cave.

Murph (heading down the hill): Well, crap. Love, not the circumstances, dictate actions?Love not, the circumstances dictate actions? Love not the circumstances, dictate actions?

When Murphy returns to his pub he turns around and finds Jesus following him.

Murph: Hey, Jesus. What are you doing?

Jesus: I’ve been following you.

Murph: Really? I’ve been up to the Oracle. She wasn’t much help. Wouldn’t give me a comma.

Jesus: Well, what did you expect? I’ll give you the comma–it goes after the first word.

Murph: Love, not the circumstances dictate actions.

Jesus: Yep.

Murph: I love Harpreet but that doesn’t change the circumstances.

Jesus: If love can’t change your circumstances, you are stuck.

Murph: Why can’t Harpreet change and work within our circumstances?

Jesus: Whose love do you control? Figure out what part of the problem is yours and begin working with that.

Murph: Harpreet will only be happy if I give up the pub!

Jesus: Love is most evident in sacrifice. Think about those who love you and you’ll be thinking of those who have made sacrifices for your sake. They’ve followed you all your live. Only love can inspire such sacrifices–it’s not natural or rational.

Murph: Hmm. You’re right, but I don’t know if I can make the kind of sacrifices needed in my case.

Jesus: Follow me. You and Harpreet, follow me.

Murph: But what if she won’t?

Jesus: Love follows. It’s the sacrifice. You follow me, she follows you, you follow her, I follow you…love follows. If she loves you, she’ll follow you. If you love her, you’ll follow her. If you love me, you’ll follow me. If you follow me, I will care for you.

Murph: How can I follow you AND follow her?

Jesus: Murphy, we are good friends, right? Do for Harpreet as I would do for you. You found me here for you today. I’ll always have what you need. You be me to her. The key: Start over. Whoever follows, always gets another start–another chance to get it right.

Murph: Okay, I’ll restart. I’ll follow. If all goes well, we’ll both follow, but no matter what, I’ll follow.

Tr8: Love follows.

Peanut-Butter-JellyJesus: Okay, who has the sack lunch Salome sent?

Peter: I think Murph has it. He’s back there askin’ Judas to cash a check for him.

John (yelling): Murph! Lunch!

The disciples and followers gather.

Murphy (coming forward with the lunch sack and Judas): Here it is. I think we have peanut butter and chips again. Chicken salad would be nice, but it’d spoil…or would it? I guess you could fix it when you multiply it.

Jesus (taking the sack): Ah, Murphy–a Gentile without doubt. Let’s give thanks. Peter, you do it.

Peter (startled): Will it work if I do it? I’ve never multiplied before.

Jesus: Sure, I’m here. I’ll help.

Peter prays and there are sandwiches and chips to spare.

Murphy: Jude-ass wants you to give him lottery numbers. (Judas punches him in the arm.)

Jesus (raised eyebrow): Murph…stop it. Love one another.

Murphy: Sorry, but you could do it couldn’t you? You’re God, so I’m thinkin’ you can.

Jesus (looking at Murphy and Judas): Well, yeah, I can.

Judas (expectantly): Well?

Jesus (smiling): Okay, today’s digits are the smallest real number more than one that is a perfect square, perfect cube, fourth, fifth through tenth powers.

Judas (getting out a slate; walking away): Hmm. 2×2, 4, x2, 8, x2…

Murphy (to Jesus): Will he get it?

Jesus: Not today.

Murphy (sitting under a fig tree with Jesus): The other guys don’t push it much, but I sort of wonder…you are God, so I’m guessin’ you can do more than heal and multiply, right? You obviously know algebra and that’s impressive.

Jesus (drawing in the dirt): I like numbers. Like what are you wondering?

Murphy: Well, can you fly? Be two places at once? Talk with animals?

Jesus: Why?

Murphy (smiling): Just wondering…it’d be neat to see. Maybe something for the Jerusalem crew. They want some signs or wonders. How ’bout we fly into the Temple courtyard and land like a bunch of Power Rangers?

Jesus (smiling): Why don’t I just make their legs grow together until they recognize me as their messiah?

Murphy: That’d work, too. I think you could do it if you wanted, but you don’t do anything unless your Father tells you and he doesn’t seem to work like that. More a personal approach.

Jesus: Yeah, I, we, like to lean toward faith and love. We’re calling everyone, but not everyone listens. They’ve hardened their hearts so much they’re stone–tombstones.

Murphy: Hmm. Stoners. Thanks for letting my ears hear.

Jesus: My pleasure, Murph. When it’s all said and done, I’m going to Jerusalem and will give ’em a sign and wonder they’ll not believe, but not forget.

Murphy: More impressive than being able to fly?

Jesus: Definitely.


Tr8: Jesus is more than you imagine. He can hold the universe in the span of his hand.


god with us“In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways” (Hebrews 1:1).

Adam & Eve: You’re kickin’ us out of the garden?!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Noah: A flood?! Are you kidding?

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Abraham: A nation?! I don’t even have a son!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Issac: Ah! My son, great meal! Come and be blessed (hmm, seems a bit like Jacob).

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Jacob: I hope this fools Dad long enough to get his blessing.

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Joseph: I’m a slave, falsely accused and in prison!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Moses: These people are driving me crazy!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Joshua: Canaan! Ready or not, here we come!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

David: My son has taken over my kingdom!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Solomon: Man, raising teenagers is gonna kill me!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Elijah: These people will never listen!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Elisha: These people never listen!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Jonah: Nineveh?! I’m not listening.

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Isaiah: Here am I, send me!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Jeremiah: Ticks me off! These people won’t listen!

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Ezekiel: God? I don’t think they’re listening.

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Mary & Joseph: A baby?! But how…

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help. You shall call his name ‘Emmanuel,’ which means ‘God with us.’

John the Baptist: I don’t think the ‘temple dudes’ are listening.

God: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

“But in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe” (Hebrews 1:2).

Peter: Where are you going? Can’t we go?

Jesus: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Disciples: You’re leaving?! Now what?

Jesus: Don’t worry, I’m leaving my Spirit (the ‘Helper’) with you always to help.

James & Peter: How shall we shepherd these sheep?

Holy Spirit: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.

Paul: Uh oh, I think I’m about to get stoned…

Holy Spirit: Don’t worry, I am with you aways, to help.

You: [Insert your crisis, here.]

Holy Spirit: Don’t worry, I am with you always, to help.


Tr8: Right now, God is with you to help. Lean into Him.

churchJesus and his disciples are standing in the middle of the Women’s Courtyard of Herod’s Temple. Jesus stands looking toward the Holy of Holies and gestures to some passing Levites.

Jesus: Destroy this temple and I’ll raise it in three days!

Levites (surprised): Look at this, he’s got a demon! He’s cursing the temple! He is so going to hell.

Disciples: Wha?

Jesus: This is just a pile of rocks. The day is coming when a holy mountain here, in Samaria or in Sinai won’t mean a thing. I am the cornerstone of the temple.

Levites (indignantly): Somebody get the guards and a couple of Pharisees. ‘Mr. Messiah’ doesn’t appreciate the Scripture or the temple.

A pharisee arrives.

Pharisee: Let’s stone him!

Levites: Yeah! A stoning!

Scribes and sadducees gather.

Scribes: We can get him for blasphemy and swearing…yeah, he’ll stone real good.

Peter (trying to calm folks down): Here! Here! Let’s not go overboard…he’s speaking in mysteries. You’ve heard his parables! We hear this all the time.

Crowd (mumbling): Isn’t this Jesus, the rabbi from Galilee who heals everyone?

Levites: Doesn’t matter who he is. He’s got a demon and is talking about destroying the temple.

Jesus (holding up his hands): If you can hear, listen! Within a generation THIS temple (motioning toward the courts) will be destroyed. But THIS temple (pointing to himself) will rise again in three days.

Disciples: Um, Jesus, maybe take a minute and explain your parable…or, we could slip out about now…

Jesus (pauses, then heads for the Beautiful Gate): Let’s go back to Bethany–the ladies have dinner waiting.

Disciples (hustling Jesus on): Yes! Dinner time! (To the crowd) Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll tell you what he’s saying.

Levites: Well, what about stoning the demon?

Scribes: He got away…maybe we get him tomorrow.

Jesus and the disciples head toward Bethany. They take a short break for a drink at Siloam Fountain.

Peter: Jesus, what were you talking about back there?

Jesus: God’s temple is not a place, it’s me and you–all you guys. Your bodies are God’s temple. Everywhere you go is a holy place.

John: We are God’s temple? I thought the Holy of Holies was God’s footstool and his glory is behind the veil with Moses’ ark.

Jesus: Yes. You won’t understand the three day thing until later, but remember: No more temples. We are done with holy places, holy guys, holy rituals and stuff. You are to do two things: Love God and love others as I have loved you. From now on, all you need to be doing is loving. When you take care of the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick and imprisoned you are taking care of me.

Peter: What about holy places?

Jesus: You are a holy place and you have the Keys to heaven and hell. The temple model is over and done. The model temple is you loving those around you.


Tr8: Things have changed. In Jesus, you are okay, it’s not about you anymore. It’s about those around you.

Temple Model – The Old Way

  • holy places
  • holy texts
  • holy guys
  • holy rituals
  • supporting holy people

Model TempleThe Way

  • You loving others as Christ loved.

References: John 2:19, John 15:12, Matthew 25:27, 1 Cor. 13, Galatians 5:6 (b)

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