murphys pubMurphy, the non-disciple, is with Jesus and Peter in Capernaum. Murphy has just started a public house near the docks. Murphy’s Public House will have rooms, boarding, and a bar. Peter and Jesus have stopped by to see how things are going.

Murphy (excited): Hey, Jesus will you bless my business? I open tomorrow.

Jesus: Sure. I bless this business.

Peter: Just like that? You bless a bar?

Jesus: Why not?

Peter: Well, he’ll be serving alcohol and you know the kind of derelicts that’ll stay here.

Jesus: Seriously?

Peter: This close to the docks? The dregs of Capernaum will be here.

Jesus (tapping Peter on the chest): Peter, your family works a fishing boat from this dock.

Peter (frustrated): Well…we’re at the far end and avoid the unclean boat owners and crews.

Jesus: All fishermen live among unclean stuff. Check the book. No scales? Unclean.

Peter (looking down): Hmm. I’m not VERY unclean. Maybe just a little. After work.

Jesus (rolling his eyes): Yeah, right. It’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside. Murphy, let me have a room here for the next month.

Murphy (overjoyed): Woohoo! My first customer!

Peter (looking askance at Jesus): I should have known. You’ll probably wait bar for Murph just to meet messed up people.

Jesus (raising his eyebrows): Good idea, Peter! Wha’d’ya say Murph?

Murphy (considering): Hmm. Sure, I guess. Tomorrow night?

Jesus: We’re on.

Murphy (setting up drinks for Jesus and Peter): A man walks into a bar with two ducks. One of the ducks is wearing a cat on his head. The bartender says, ‘What’s with the cat on that duck’s head?’ The guy says, ‘I don’t know. Those aren’t my ducks.’ The duck with the cat on his head says, ‘Jim, your cat’s blown off.’ Jim says, ‘Second one this week.’

Tr8: Jesus liked to hang out with people the Pharisees didn’t like and did things they didn’t like. Spend some time serving non-church people on their turf.

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