jesus is upstairs

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Between the lines, Convergence, God and Time, Humor, Truth and Grace
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Jesus is talking with Peter, James and John after the transfiguration. He’s trying to explain who he is and where he’s going.

Peter: So, you are going away for three days and then you’ll leave us a parakeet?

Jesus (rolling his eyes): No, Peter, “Paraclete” — it’s Greek — means comforter or encourager.

James: So, you’re bringing in a new disciple? Is it Barnabas? We call him “The Encourager” all the time.  He’s a good man.

Jesus (nodding): Not exactly. Barnabas clearly imitates me, but it’ll be more blatant. I’m going to die, rise again and ascend to heaven. I’m going to leave my Holy Spirit — MY DIVINE NATURE —  behind to live in you and to comfort and guide you. You guys relate to me directly, now, but when I’m gone, I’m going to live IN YOU. By this they’ll know you are my disciples.

John: What could be better than living with you and following you?

Jesus: Just wait. Now it’s from the outside in, in the future I’ll work from the inside out. I’ll literally warm your heart! Abundant life will come from me, who is the Father, living in you, through the Spirit, who is me, who is the Father, who is love, who will lead you.

John: Hang on a second. I want to take notes.  You and the Father are one. You’re saying you only do what the Father tells you. So, you are living out God’s character and your Holy Spirit will live in us, too.

Jesus: Yeah. Put that in a book. After I die I’ll demonstrated the Father’s love, stick around a month or so, then, ascend to the Father. According to most future creeds, I’ll be sitting at the right hand of God, but I’m leaving my Spirit to handle things here, IN YOU.

James: Got it. You and the Father upstairs. Spirit downstairs.

Jesus: The day will come when my Spirit will be ignored a lot. Everyone’ll be looking upstairs. They’ll wonder about what’s going on up there–what’s God up to? Is Jesus vacuuming heaven with the angels? Is he coming back?

Peter: But we can’t see because we’re downstairs.

John: Right. The Spirit is downstairs. With us. You’ll be upstairs, in us.

James: So, you’re saying we need to focus on your Spirit.

Jesus: Yep. The 1st Century church will depend on it. You followed me and saw me in action — a man focused on the Father. In the future you’ll see people and say, “Oh! See that? THAT is SO Jesus!” You’ll know they are filled with my Spirit because they act just like me. I’ll warn you now, Paul and Barnabas will visit Antioch in a few years and will come back and say, “The Gentiles? They’ve acting like Jesus!”

Peter: Who is Paul?

Jesus: Not now, it’ll blow your mind. Just remember, if they live as I live, they have my Spirit.

John (continuing to take notes): So, and I’m guessing here, but we’re going to see people “doing” you. We’ll recognize you IN them.

Jesus (excited): Bingo! You’re so familiar with my way, truth, and life, you’ll be able to spot my Spirit anywhere. You’ll see. When believers get really good at doing me — wired into the Father’s love — they’ll start to heal, raise folks from the dead, turn bottled water into Sangria, and speak in tongues.

James: Just like we do now, with you?

Jesus (tapping James on the chest): Exactly. So don’t stand around looking upstairs after I leave, trying to imagine me, the Father or streets of gold. Remember, MY Spirit is here, in the house.

Tr8: Be filled with the Spirit.

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