in the beginning, there was cluelessness

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Between the lines, Fractured Bible stories, Truth and Grace
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revolutionariesJohn and Andrew are leaving the post office. They had just picked up a package for John’s mother — a carrot peeler from K-Tel.

John: I talked with James and Peter. I think we can force Jesus’ hand.

Andrew: You mean, you think he’ll come out as Messiah if we put him in the right situation?

John: Yeah. Peter has no doubt Jesus IS the Messiah. We all think so. He’s fulfilled all the prophecies and we’ve seen him heal, calm the water, feed thousands and speak with absolute authority.

Andrew: If there was ever a king, it’s him. You can tell by the way he handles himself. Nothing — NOTHING – seems to ruffle him, except the Temple guys. He gets ticked off about their legalism. They need to realize a few eggs have to be broken to make a new Jerusalem.

John: Straight up. I know a servant of one of the chief priests. Judas and I are trying to get Jesus and the leaders to bury the hatchet and rally the people. Every time it looks like we’re ready to go, Jesus splits us up with his preaching.

Andrew: Right. We have to stop fighting among ourselves if we every hope to defeat the Romans.

John: We’ve gotta get Jesus to ramp up and clarify the call. More will follow him if he’ll go ahead and make the call clearer.

Andrew: Peter asked Jesus to meet us at the MacDonalds on the square. He’s gotten Judas to gather some of the synagogue guys and Simon’s rounded up his former group of freedom fighters. One of Matthew’s friends in Roman security says the Romans are going to do a “bow to Caesar or die” traffic stop next to Micky-Ds near the fountain. And we plan to have Jesus there.

John: That’s bound to work. Jesus won’t bow to Caesar. No way.

Andrew: Yeah, no way.

They turn the corner and almost trip over Jesus feet. He’s sitting at the corner with Murphy, the non-disciple.

Jesus: Hey, guys! Figured you’d be along. Did’y’get the carrot peeler for Salome?

John (looking at Andrew): Uh, yeah. Right here.

Andrew: Yeah, hey, Jesus. Murphy.

Jesus: Have a seat. Let’s talk.

John and Andrew: Sure.

Jesus: Andrew, who do you say I am?

Andrew: Why, I agree with Peter, you are the Messiah. The Son of God. Our liberator.

Jesus: Hmmm. What if I asked you to die for me?

Andrew: Lord, we were just talking about that! I’d die for you — and — we have tons of friends and others who will follow you all the way to Jerusalem or even Rome.

John: Master! We want to see your kingdom soon! PLEASE! We and others are ready to die for the cause.

Jesus: My kingdom IS here, RIGHT here. With me, you ARE in The Kingdom.

John: We know that, Jesus. We just want to expand your kingdom. It’s time!

Andrew: Yeah, it’s time!

Jesus (smiling sadly while shaking his head): You guys follow me. You listen. You serve. You even heal. Yet, you don’t see.

John: Don’t see what? Tell me! We see you are the King of Kings! Let’s move it to the next level.

Jesus: John, the next level is down.

John: What?

Jesus: Yeah, the next level is downward. The Son of Man came to minister, not be ministered unto. As Isaiah said, I’m a  suffering servant-king. We shall establish God’s kingdom on earth, but we make war by surrendering. I, the Son of Man, the Chosen One, the Messiah, shall reign in the fulness of love and truth.

John: Exactly! Let’s get down, then. Hooo-yaaaah! You are Lord!

Andrew: Right on, Jesus!

Jesus (gazing at both): Love you guys, but really…when I say ‘kingdom,’ it doesn’t mean what you think it means. The war you anticipate? It’s over. It’s won. Bury the swords, join hands, dance and love one another. You, too, or two, are sons of God, and though it doesn’t yet appear so, you shall be like me. So, be like me.

John: So, we’ll see you MacDonalds this evening?

Jesus (sighing; he and Murphy rise): We’ll see. Murphy and I are going up in the mountains to pray for a while.

John looks at Andrew and frowns.


Tr8: Don’t force Jesus’ hand, relax and let him do what he’s doing.

(Based on John 6:15)

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