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Posted: June 11, 2013 in Between the lines, God and Time, Truth and Grace
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TMIJesus, the disciples and Murphy (the non-disciple) are sittingt on saw horses during a short break. They’re knocking back Gaterades.

Murphy: I like working with you, Jesus.

Jesus: I like working with you, too, Murph.

Bartholomew: Me, too. But sometimes I think carpentry work is a real waste of your talents and after all, we have a revolution at hand if you are going to really be the Messiah.

Jesus (rolling his eyes): Bart, I keep telling you, I’m gonna die and rise again to redeem the world.

Bart: Well, let’s go on the attack, you can’t die, you’re the Son of God, man. What’s with stalling? You mean we are going to take a few setbacks before we can claim victory?

Jesus: We’re not talking “setbacks,” we’re talking death. I’m going to die and come back – nothing will change around here but your hearts and your perspective on what “Messiah” means.

Murphy: Hmmm. Die? How’s that necessary?

Jesus: My Father thinks it is and I think so, too. Whatever I see him doing, that’s what I do. He’s sacrificing everything, so, so am I.

Bart: I guess we still have a lot to learn before you become Messiah, huh?

Jesus: Actually, not so much. You’ve been following me long enough to know what I do. That’s it.

Peter: Yeah, but what about all the other stuff – policies, government, dealing with traitors, armies, Rome, reworking the Temple, baptizing, healing and…well, you know, the list of things is huge. I think about this stuff all the time.

Murphy: Not me. You mean we have to know all that? All I know is Jesus and you guys and how to frame a house – if you guys help me.

Jesus: Peter, guys, you worry to much about everything. You don’t need to worry about anything and you don’t need to be afraid of anything as long as you follow me. Fear flows from lack of faith. You don’t need to understand all that stuff, you only need to live here and now as I do. I’m not worried about the past or the future. It’s in God’s hands and we can trust him completely.

Murphy: Thank goodness. I’m glad you don’t have to be smart or full of information to follow you. I get completely lost in trying to figure everything out.

Jesus: If you understood everything, you’d be God. TMI on a lot of levels.

Murphy: Yeah, total TMI – way too much information – I can’t handle it all, and even if I could, I’m content doing what we’re doing, like this, building a house.

Jesus: Murph, what you need, you have.

Peter: What’d’ya mean?

Jesus: You’re set. Forgiven, accepted, redeemed and delivered. All that’s left to do is love others and live out the paradoxes of the Kingdom – you know, first, last, sacrifice, service, poverty, wealth in the spirit, meekness, humility – keep the tension between truth and grace – what we’re doing now is what you should do later.

Peter: Sure, but we have to keep all the rules, go to synagogue – you know – earn our keep.

Jesus (shaking his head): Earn your keep?

Peter: Well, yeah.

Jesus: Well, no. All you have to do is live my love now. Now. If you love others now, the past will be good and the future will be better. You can get too caught up in the details if you aren’t careful. Don’t over think it.

Murphy: Good call, Jesus. Let’s get back to work. We can probably finish this up this week if we quit talking, theorizing, planning, and junk.

Tr8: Live NOW as Jesus would, in the Spirit’s love, and the rest will take care of itself. You have what you need.

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