master sinner

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Between the lines, Morality, Truth and Grace
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dog and beerThe disciples are at a rodeo near Cana. Jesus has gone to get drinks and food for everyone with Murphy (the non-disciple), Judas and his moneybag. There’s a break in the action as the local high school drum and bugle corp line up for their performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Andrew: I got a weird question this morning coming out of MacDonalds.

Peter: What?

Andrew: Someone asked if Jesus was sinless.

John: Sinless?

Andrew: Yeah. A synagogue dude asked me if Jesus was a sinner.

Bartholomew: Well, of course he is!

Nathaniel: I’ve seen him eat without washing — you all have.

James: Right. And remember when he helped Murphy fix his roof on the sabbath?

Peter: He’s breaking the sabbath just about every week.

Matthew: I see him touch unclean stuff all the time. Plus, he ate a bit of bacon at my house once. And he liked it.

Simon: He hangs out with sinners all the time — prostitutes, gays, loan-sharks, pro wrestlers, Romans, women…us. And he also keeps Bumper.

Thomas: I sometimes wonder where he goes when he disappears for long periods of time. Praying in the hills… For DAYS?  I’m not sure I believe that.

James: Well, who says the Messiah has to be perfect? No one is perfect. In fact, one of the reasons I think he is THE messiah is because he’s willing to break a few laws to do what needs to be done.

Peter: Absolutely. The Law is righteous, but we’re not going to get a new king in Israel by righteousness, we’re going to have to overthrow Herod and Roman rule. We’re part of a revolution and revolutions aren’t fought by rules.

John: I agree…. Does anyone here think Jesus is perfect?


Andrew: So, Jesus is our master and THE Messiah, but he’s not perfect. How could he be? Who in their right mind would believe that, anyway? He’s kind of a messy, dirty guy who is recruiting dirty, messy followers — like us  — to carry out a dirty, messy revolution.

Everyone nods and voices agreement just as Jesus, Murphy and Judas arrive with the drinks and food.

Jesus (glances around the group and smiles): My ears are burning.

Suddenly there’s a lot of shuffling, clearing throats and looking around.

Judas (with authority): Okay, who ordered what?

Jesus: I asked for a light beer and a hotdog, no relish.

Nathaniel (raised eyebrow, questioningly): D’ja wash your hands? Kosher dog?

Jesus (touching Nate’s chest): It’s what’s in a man’s heart, not on his hands, that makes him a sinner. Whatever doesn’t come from faith is sin. It’s fair to judge yourself (because you know your own heart), but to others always be gracious. Remember what I said about splinters in eyes?

Nate grins as Jesus musses his hair.

Peter (shrugging his shoulders, aside to Andrew): Who are we to judge the Messiah?

Tr8: Who are you to judge? You know only one heart. Judge that one.

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