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Posted: July 5, 2013 in Between the lines, Convergence, God and Time
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simpleJames and John are at Starbucks with Jesus. They’re killing time before heading over to a horse show

Jesus: Following me…do you find it difficult?

James: Not too much. When we decide to follow you — love God and our neighbors — it’s not tricky,

Jesus: Do you feel like I’m hiding stuff from you?

John: ‘Course not! What kind of friend keeps secrets?

Jesus: When I say I’ll take care of you, do you believe me?

James: Beyond any shadow of a doubt. You are way too dependable for us to think you would stop loving us. That’s just not you.

Jesus: Do you think I’d set you up for failure?

John: NO!

Jesus: So, you’re ready to roll, whatever may come?

John: The good thing about following you, is that we don’t have to be planning much beyond right now. We trust you completely. Upon whom else can we put our hope? There’s only you.

Jesus: Do you think I’m overly judgmental?

James: Jesus, you are full of judgment, but you are anything but judgmental. I’m not afraid of your judgment. Remember that woman at the well. I don’t think we have to worry about what we don’t know. The Pharisees are awash in righteous knowledge, but are spiritually blind as bats.

Jesus: Well, we gotta move on. I just wanted to check on your impressions. I love you too much to make staying with me difficult. My goal is to draw you all to the Father.

John: Let me ask something. Do we need to be worried? Are we not following you well enough?

Jesus: You’re good.

Tr8s – Keep it simple. Remember the initiation of the thief on the cross into Jesus’ kingdom? Just follow me and let the rest take care of itself.

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